Dorothy has been designing and creating high quality handcrafted sheepskin accessories since 1976.  She has displayed her products in major craft shows across Canada including Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Regina and Saskatoon for the past 42 years.

The distinguishing feature of her accessories centres around the handcrafted finishing.  Every item is individually cut by hand and the majority of items are hand stitched using a Glover’s needle and heavy duty nylon thread which is doubled and weather resistant.

Dorothy uses sheepskin sourced mostly from New Zealand, England and Australia.  The wool is soft and the products offer a tactile appeal.  Sheepskin is a natural fibre with many benefits;

  • the wool fibres retain a natural oil that resist odours, dirt and grease
  • wool fibres bend and recover their shape naturally and are lame retardant
  • wool is warm in cool conditions and cool in warm conditions

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